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Distributors/Agents for Seetrax Products

Seetrax has well established agents for its Ranger PCB CAD software and PCB Manufacturing Equipment (v-cut depanelers/separators, scorers, denibbers finishers and track welders) around the world. These agents offer demonstration facilities and are well placed to offer on-going technical support.

We also require agents in the following areas:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Hungary
  • Mexico
  • Poland
If you are interested in becoming a part of the Seetrax team, then please get in touch.

We are also interested in hearing from potential agents in countries where we do not currently have an agent.

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Agents for PCB Manufacturing Equipment:
PCB V-Cut Scoring, Separating, Depaneling, Edge-finishing and Track welders
V-Cut Scoring machines
V-Cut Separating/Depaneling machines
PCB Edge finishing machines
PCB Track Welder
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Agents for Ranger PCB CAD software:
  • France
    Contact Alexandre Braun of Lextronic
    Tel. + 33 1457 68388
    Or email: Lextronic

  • Germany
    Contact Avinoam Vais of JONIT
    Tel. + 49 7082 925980
    Or email: Avinoam Vais

  • South Africa
    Contact Don Smith of Mimic Crafts
    Tel. + 27 11 493 5915
    Or email: Don Smith

Design Bureau with Seetrax/Ranger Products:

  • We are often asked for details of independant companies who offer Seetrax/Ranger PCB CAD services. Please click here for details.
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