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Ranger Design Services

Listed below are companies that offer pcb design services using Ranger XL or Seetrax XL Designer software. Some also offer additional services and these are also listed. If you would like to be included on this list, please email the appropriate details for inclusion.

Note: if you have any work done and you intend loading the completed design back into your own version of Seetrax Ranger, please ensure that your version is compatible with that being used by the designer - current Ranger XL or Seetrax XL Designer jobs cannot be opened in Ranger2, Ranger2 XL, Ranger3 or versions of Ranger XL prior to v1.103.

Seetrax do not perform any checks on the suitability of these companies/individuals to offer the services listed.

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A L M Electronics Ltd
0118 981 1717
Based in Berkshire
Contact: Cliff Edwards
A L M Electronics web-site
Email: ALM Electronics
Off-site pcb design, pcb manufacture, smt auto-placement, conventional flow solder, project management.
Carrera Designs
01903 260586
Based in Sussex
Contact: Mike Edey
Carrera web-site
Email: Carrera
On/off-site pcb design, pcb manufacturing/assembly
Electronic Design Now
01202 676940 and
mobile 07976 649327
Based in Dorset
Contact: Dave Lelievre
Electronic Design Now web-site
Email: Electronic Design Now
Digital & Analogue Design, PCB Layout, Product Specification and Reports, EMC Compliance Consultancy, Reverse Engineering, Test & Manufacture, Software Development, Interface Design, Full System Design.
Electronic Design Services
01908 216492 or
mobile 07895 672226
Based in Buckinghamshire
Contact: Nick Rowlandson
Electronic Design Services web-site
Email: EDS
Off-site pcb design, also design work on small signal, embedded micros, power conversion, motor drive and test equipment
GJC Designs
01422 885196
Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Contact: Gareth Connor
Email: GJC
On/off-site electronic and pcb design/training (audio electronics design speciality)
Isoline Design Ltd
0208 952 7119
Based in NW London
Contact: Alan Wright
Email: Isoline
Off-site pcb design and layout, mechanical drafting and design/3D modelling
Little Designs
01245 260084
Based in Essex
Contact: Chris Little
Email: Little Designs
Off-site pcb design, 2D drafting and 3D modelling
Nexus Machines
01883 744455
Based in Surrey
Contact: Peter DeVito
Email: Nexus Machines
Electronic design, PCB CAD, 3D mechanical CAD, hardware manufacturing, full embedded and PC software.
Official design house for Remploy Electronics and CSM Manufacturing.
SG Designs
01625 434264
Based in Cheshire
Contact: Steve Gresty
SGD web-site
Email: SGD
Complete design service - circuit design, pcb layout, mechanical design and pcb manufacturing
SMB Designs
01934 413617
Based in Bristol
Contact: Ian Smith or Roger Botley
SMB web-site
Email: SMB
On/off-site pcb design, pcb manufacturing/assembly, training.

All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Seetrax accept no liability as a result from using this list.