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Discontinued Software Downloads

It is important that a backup copy of software is maintained as Seetrax are under no obligation to provide discontinued software products.

All the software provided from this page is supplied in good faith as a service to existing users.

To make use of the software you will need an original copy of the series 5 license file (and dongle/dongle driver where appropriate). The dongled Ranger XL software will not operate under Windows7 or later due to incompatibility with the dongle driver.

Schematic libraries are not included in this download file.

Download Ranger2 XL version 1.79 - (last updated 20-11-2005)
Download Ranger XL version 1.110 - (last updated 20-11-2005)
After downloading:

Place the zipped file in a new folder on your system, then unzip it (using PKUNZIP/WinZip).
Select START, Run, browse to the new folder, then select setup.exe. Follow the instructions on screen.
Note well: If updating an existing installation, when prompted for the installation directory, choose the same directory path as was chosen during the initial installation. (Master libraries and jobs will not be overwritten.)

No additional support is offered.

Please consider upgrading to the latest Seetrax product - XL Designer - details here
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