PCB Edge Finishers/De-nibbers

Seetrax provide a range of edge-finshing equipment for PCB's that either require removing from the routed panel or that have already been broken out and require de-nibbing (rough-edges and burrs removed) or bevelling (chamferred edges).


The EdgeCut is incredibly quick, up to 60% faster than the manual methods of de- burring boards. It eliminates inferior and sub-standard results caused by filing or linishing.

The EdgeCut deburrs frame centralising lugs in one pass, leaving a high quality routed edge with no need for futher inspection. The EdgeCut gives the operator total control of depth of cut with its unique micro adjuster and dial indicator.

The hardened and ground positioning table incorporates the extraction chamber for effective exhaust of dust.

Edge Cut machine for smooth edges on broken-out/routed PCB's. Comparison table between edge-cut, filed and linished boards

Bevel Cut machine to create chamfered edges on broken-out/routed PCB's.
Comparison picture showing differences between edge-cut, filed and linished boards.


The BevelCut eliminates the inaccuracies in PCB board edge bevelling. The uniqe depth adjustment and variable angle system (between 20 degree and 45 degree) ensures perfect results on every panel. The high speed bevelling tool seamlessly chamfers the most delicate boards without lifting or burring intricate tracking such as gold fingers.

The hardened and ground positioning table incorporates the extraction chamber for effective exhaust of dust.

Tab Cut

Unlike other de-panelling processes which use croppers to free the panel from the scrap (often causing edge de-lamination, component failure or even worse intermittent circuit faults), this process uses high speed routers to precisely remove the webs causing no stress to either the board or components and leaves the cut undetectable.

The machine uses a series of adjustable pins, which locate in the slots to ensure the tabs are removed accurately to either populated or unpopulated boards.

The new mark II version is easier to use than its predecessor. It now comes in its own mobile, purpose-built cabinet with fully interlocked safety switches and built in hepa-filtered extraction with bagged waste disposal.

Tab Cut machine to remove webs on routed PCB's.
Pneumatic Nib-Croppers

A versatile and precise, low-cost pneumatic de-panelling system. A dust-free cutting action with no further edge finishing required. Either hand-held or bench-mounted versions are available. A quick-cost effective method of depanelling those less sensitive boards.

Very little servicing is required due to the robust build quality and mechanically simple design. Various cutting blades are available to match the different thicknes's of milled slot (2.0, 2.3, 2.4 & 2.5mm).

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