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Seetrax CAE Ltd are pleased to supply the Electra Autorouter from ConnectEDA! This is a gridless, shape-based autorouter that accepts and outputs data in the Specctra design file format (.dsn). It is therefore 100% compatible with Seetrax XL Designer PCB CAD software.

Seetrax CAE Ltd were the first OEM to supply the Electra Autorouter. The autorouter is very competitively priced, starting at €375 (Euro) for the 4 signal layer/unlimited pin version. This includes mitering and advanced rules support.

A free 30 day evaluation copy of the Electra auto-router software is available for downloading from this page for use with the XL Designer PCB CAD software. Contact tech support if you have any queries.

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Click here for details on the XL Designer interface.
Electra Product Price
Electra Route 2L
(max 2 signal layers)
€495 (Euro)
Electra Route 4L
(max 4 signal layers)
€695 (Euro)
Electra Route 6L
(max 6 signal layers)
€1495 (Euro)
Electra Route UL
256 signal layers)
€2495 (Euro)

Note: sterling prices vary depending on the current Euro to Pounds exchange rate.

All Electra products support unlimited pins and power/ground planes and include Advanced Constraints Editing and High Speed support.

Please click here for further details on ConnectEDA and Electra.

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