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Using the Seetrax Electra Autorouter Interface
(for XL Designer users)

Setting up the interface (this has to be done once only):
Step 1. XL Designer must be installed and running.
Step 2. The Electra interface must be enabled:
Select File > System Setup (without a job open). Look for the Installed optional products category and check the Konekt Electra Autorouter tickbox.
Select OK to close the window.
Step 3. Ensure the software configuration is set correctly:
Open a job (typically the job to be routed). Select Artwork > Konekt Electra Autorouter. The Electra interface will appear.
Select the Installation button.
Ensure the Router executable path is set to the Electra router executable file. Typically:
c:\Program Files\electra\electra.exe
Also ensure there is a path set in the Routing work file directory to a folder which must exist! Select OK to close the window.
This design is now ready to be submitted to the autorouter, or it can be closed.
Autorouting a job (assuming the interface has been set up as described above):
Step 1. Open the job to be autorouted. Select Select Artwork > Konekt Electra Autorouter.
Set the window as required, the figure below shows the typical settings for upto 6 layer designs, but change them if required.

Ranger XL/Electra interface window, 
	18 kbytes

Select Run Router.
The Electra autorouter window will appear.
If the demo version of Electra is running, select Continue from the window that appears.
The design will autoroute on screen. When finished, the autorouter will close and return to Ranger.
When Finished appears in the Ranger/Electra interface window, close the window and open the artwork editor to view the results.
Generate any power planes (if applicable) then check the artwork.

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