PCB VCut Scoring Machines
Quick-Score and Multi-Score

Quick-Score - PCB VCut Scoring Machine for printed circuit boards
Quick-score PCB VCut Scoring Machine
with manual clamping and feed
Multi-score - PCB VCut Scoring Machine for printed circuit boards
Multi-score PCB VCut Scoring Machine
with automated feed mechanisim

Video clip - Multi-score
V-cut scoring is the fast, low-cost method of separating PCBs from panels. Both scoring machines use the V cut method of scoring printed circuit boards.

Panels are precision cut to a preset depth, through both sides of the PCB substrate, with upto 10 top and bottom blades.

The PCB panel remains complete and rigid for further processing or assembly but ready for 'breakout' into individual printed circuit boards at the final production stage.

comparison between routed and v-cut scoring results
Image above shows a typical comparison between routed and V-cut scored panels - savings of up to 50% in material coast can be achieved along with dramatically reduced production time.

Integral digital display links to the tooling pins, provide micro-accuracy for setting up and operating. The superior accuracy of the datum pin-location principle, means positive, reliable panel location and faultless batch repitition.

This sytem eliminates the need to use panel edges which are often sawn or guillotined, resulting in poor resolution to track position.


The Multi-Score vcut scorer uses automatic or manual clamping and adjustable feed rates, to give an even cut, long tool life and a fast turn-around.

The introduction of the Quickscore vcut scorer as a manual-feed alternative has enhanced the success of the system. With all the setting features and accuracy of the Multi-Score vcut scorer, but with the price savings of manual clamping and feed.


The streamlined operating functions minimise running time and batch turnaround. Once cutters are set, 10 simultaneous scores can be achieved in less than 20 seconds.

Specification for Quick & Multi-score PCB VCut Scoring Machines for printed circuit boards

Thank-you for your interest in the Seetrax v-cut scoring machines for scoring printed circuit board panels.

We occasionally have ex-demo or used and refubished vcut scorers for sale, please contact us or use the drop-down menu above for details.

Note: The Data-Score 700 V cut scoring machine is no longer in production. It has been replaced by the more popular Quick-Score and Multi-score machines. We still service and carry spares for the DS 700 so please contact us for any assistance required.

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