PCB Track Welder - CirKit Weld 450

Track Welder for repairing open circuit tracks on bare and assembled PCB's

Main features

  • Repairs bare and assembled boards
  • Repairs tracks > 0.003" (0.075mm)
  • Easy to use tactile controls
  • Fully adjustable low pressure weld head
  • Auto "electrode contamination" indication
  • Low voltage safety circuitry
  • 99 prog. memory with manual override
  • Large work-piece capability
  • Adjustable worklamp output
  • Low maintenance

The Cir-Kit 450 PCB track welder from Seetrax is capable of repairing open circuit (O/C) tracks on bare and assembled printed circuit boards (PCB's). The tracks can be as narrow as 0.003" (0.075mm).

This PCB track welder employs constant current, microprocessor power circuitry making it capable of repairing open circuit (O/C) tracks as well as bonding jumper wires and components to circuitry for permanent circuit modifications.

Copper repair ribbons, supplied in reel format, are used to bridge the open circuit - welding to the base metal which ensures that such repairs or modifications will not later become unattached if subjected to heat - so often the case with soldered joints.

Wave soldering, hot air levelling, vapour phase fusing, soldering irons etc. have no affect on the bonded joint.

The process is fast, leaves no residue (no flux used) and is very cost effective.

Interchangeable variable width electrodes on the CirKit Weld 450 PCB track welder Specification for CirKit Weld Track Welder for PCB boards

We supply a range of consumables for PCB track welding, V-cut scoring and V-Cut separating/depaneling machines.

We also carry spares for JWA and ORC machines.

All our track welding repair ribbons are lead free.

Copper repair ribbons and electrodes available for CirKit Weld Track Welder for PCB boards

Thank-you for your interest in the Seetrax Cir-Kit 450 track welder for repairing printed circuit boards.

Please contact contact us if you have any queries.

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