XL Designer PCB CAD Free 30 Day Demo

XL Designer PCB CAD Software

If you would like to try the XL Designer Full software for free, then PLEASE APPLY HERE .

All we request in return is to know your name, company name if appropriate, and address - to avoid multiple requests and being targeted by spammers! We don't pass your details on or contact you except for the initial response.

If you're an existing Ranger2 XL or Ranger XL user, then please also let us know, so we can provide an appropriate quick start guide which will ease the upgrade path.

We will email you a full license that operates for 30 days from when we create it (so only request it when you're ready to use it) along with full details on how to download and install the s/w. (You will need a pc that is running Windows7 or later.)

Thanks for your interest!

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