XL Designer Specification

Seetrax reserve the right to alter the specification without notice.
(Updated 29 March 2018)
Minimum Hardware Requirements
PC with an AMD/Intel processor, min 1GHz clockrate
running Windows Windows7 or later
XL Designer 30 Day Evaluation or Viewer Software
Both are available free of charge by contacting us with your request.
Viewer: can be used to open and view existing designs - it has no functionality except the ability to open a design and view it (for example it does not save or output to files/printers).
30 day demo/evaluation: A fully functional copy of the software.
Note: the 30 days commences from when the license is issued, not when it is installed/first used.
XL Designer Variants Lite/100 Lite/300 Lite/500 Full
Max. parts 100 300 500 Unlimited
Max. nets 70 200 350 Unlimited
Max. signal layers 2 4 15 63
Max. internal powerplane layers 0 2 61 61
Max. split int. powerplane layers 0 0 0 61
Max. power rails 8 8 8 256
Max track sizes 16 16 32 512
Four pad shapes, max of each 16 16 16 512
User-definable pad shapes No No No Yes
Multiple via sizes No No No Yes
Blind & Buried Vias No No No Yes
Pins per outline (footprint) 256 256 256 Unlimited
Pins per schematic part Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rip-up/retry autorouter No Yes Yes Yes
Specctra/Elecctra autorouter Interface No No No Yes
Copper fill/Pour No Yes Yes Yes
Artwork macros No No Yes Yes
Automatic renumbering No No Yes Yes
Automatic Part Placement No No Yes Yes
Manual renumbering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import images No No No Yes
Import ascii part/net lists No No No Yes
Gerber Import (RS274D) No No No Yes
Gerber Output (RS274-X) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Excellon NC Drilling Output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sieb & Meyer NC Drilling Output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Printer/Plotter Outputs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bath Scientific (BSL) Output No No No Yes
Intertrack (GenCAD v1.4) Output No No No Yes
DXF In/Out No No Yes Yes
IDF 3.0 Out No No No Yes
Saving Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Helpline & Updates 90 days 90 days 90 days One year
(click here for Price List with full details and discounts for existing users)
£200 £300 £750 £2,250
Other included Features
Schematic Capture:
  • Unlimited interconnected sheets
  • 100 hierarchical levels
  • Alpha-numeric pin numbers
  • Sheet sizes up to A0
  • Auto-allocation of part names/pins nos.
  • Auto parts/wiring list generation
  • User definable attributes
  • User definable ascii output files
  • Electrical design rule checks (inputs, outputs etc)
  • EMC Rules
PCB Layout:
  • Unlimited pins per design
  • Max 100" x 100" board area
  • 1/100 thou & metric resolution
  • Pad stacks (top, inner & bottom)
  • User-defianble solder mask/paste/etc., layers
  • Any shaped board profile
  • Board profile library
  • Extensive outline library
  • Complex true outline shapes
  • Alternate outlines
  • True track width and clearance representation
  • Drilled holes visible
  • Double-sided part placement
  • 1 degree part & text rotation
  • Automatic signal reconnection
  • Gate & pin swapping, auto back annotation
  • Signal highlight
  • Automatic clearance checking
  • Auto comparison artwork against parts/wiring list
  • Checking for silk-screen over holes/under parts

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