Upgrading to XL Designer

XL Designer is our current product and it runs on Windows7 or later.

Due to a lack of compatibility with Windows7 onwards, all previous versions of Ranger PCB CAD software have been discontinued and are no longer supported.

Existing Ranger users are given special upgrade prices when updating to XL Designer and these will be found on the price list. A 30 day free evaluation period is available (links in the XL Designer pull down menu above.)

XL Designer has an improved specification and a new interface to make designing much easier and quicker.

Existing Ranger users can rest assured that XL Designer will open all their existing Ranger files, including those from Ranger1 for DOS, Ranger2, Ranger3 Ranger 2 XL and Ranger XL - nothing is lost in the transfer.

Lite versions of XL Designer are available for those users who don't require the full functionality of XL Designer PCB CAD software.