XL Designer PCB CAD Software Overview

Seetrax CAE Ltd established Ranger, one of the early printed circuit board (PCB) computer aided design (CAD) systems on the market in the 1980's, and is re-knowned for providing excellent value for money, flexible tools for integrated schematic capture and PCB design.

Seetrax CAE Ltd specialises in CAD software for the PCB designer, having developed the Ranger PCB CAD product for their own design bureau. 

Seetrax Ranger and now XL Designer PCB CAD software, will be found in large, medium and small companies around the world.

Dedicated to the development, supply and support of high performance software solutions for the electronics industry, Seetrax has a product available to suit hobbyists through to dedicated PCB designers. Their products have always been geared to the fast throughput of designs, whether for original design or re-work. The software can handle single-sided, double-sided and complex multi-layer designs containing conventional, through hole plated parts or surface mounted technology parts.

XL Designer handles complex printed circuit board designs of unlimited size including support for blind/buried vias, cross-probing, 3D output files, split internal power planes, hierarchical schematic editor, etc. The user-interface is Windows based allowing drag/drop operations, multiple, active open windows, etc.

Cut-down versions of XL Designer, XL Designer Lite are available for the price conscious user who doesn't require features such as blind/buried via support, split internal planes, etc., but still requires the ability to design complex printed circuit boards with full support for surface mount technology.

Extensive libraries of schematic symbols and PCB footprints are provided as standard, as are outputs to DXF, gerber photoplotters (RS-274X) and CNC drilling/routing machines. The Seetrax auto-router comes as standard along with .dsn outputs for the Specctra and Electra auto-routers.

Upgrading Seetrax software is easy, all designs and libraries are always fully upwards comaptible so you never lose any work.

We always offer very competative upgrade prices to our very loyal existing users - please refer to the price list for details!


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Additional Information

If you would like to try the XL Designer Full software for free, then please email us at sales@seetrax.com

All we request in return is to know your name, company name if appropriate, and address - to avoid multiple requests.

We don't pass your details to any third parties or contact you except for the initial response and follow up.

By requesting the evaluation license you are agreeing to us storing the data you supply.

For more details on how we use your data, please click here to refer to our GDPR page.

If you're an existing Ranger2 XL or Ranger XL user, then please also let us know, so we can provide an appropriate quick start guide which will ease the upgrade path.

We will email you a full license that operates for 30 days from when we create it (so only request it when you're ready to use it) along with full details on how to download and install the s/w. (You will need a pc that is running Windows7 or later.)

Thanks for your interest!