XL Designer

Printed Circuit Design

What Windows OS do I need?

XL Designer will run on Windows 7 or later.

How much RAM/hard disk space will I need?

We recommend no less than 4Gb of RAM - the performance improvement of a machine fitted with 4Gb vs 2Gb is huge. As for disk space, the XL Designer installation is a very lightweight package, and takes up less than 100Mb. Additional space is required for the design files. A typical large, complex design file normally takes around 2Mb of space, whilst a small design, such as the supplied worked example, takes around 30kb.

How does the licensing work?

A license key code is supplied, for one or more systems. This code should be stored on all the machines that have XL Designer installed. To use XL Designer the license has to be activated. The license remains active on that machine until de-activated.

Each license has a "license count" from 1 onwards and as a license is activated, the count is reduced by one. When zero activations are available it means all the licenses are in use. To activate a license on another machine, an existing activation has to be de-activated first.

To access the licensing window, run XL Designer and select Help > License Configuration.

Internet access is required to activate and deactivate a license, but not to Store the license code or whilst XL Designer is being used.

If I purchase a Lite version, can I upgrade to the full version?

Yes you can. You will pay the difference in price between what you have and the version you would like.

Can I move the license?

Yes, the license key code can be stored on multiple machines at the same time, or on each machine as required. The license needs to be activated to use it, then "deactivated" in order to activate it on another machine (Help > License Configuration).

Will XL Designer open all my existing Ranger designs?

Yes, all designs from Ranger1 onwards.
(Ranger1 and Ranger2 for DOS and Ranger3 files will need the appropriate job.idx or design.idx file which will have been saved with the job if the job was saved within Ranger (rather than being copied using external commands (like DOS COPY *.*))

What types of license are available?

Full license

Lite license

Schematic/Outputs Only license (free to existing users within maintenance)

Free 30 Day full demo license (30 days start from when the license is issued)

Permanent viewing only license (free to existing users within maintenance)

Refer to the specification for details on the diffences between the Full and Lite versions.

What is software maintenance & how long does it last?

Software maintenance allows the user to download the current version of the software and unlimited use of the Technical Support Helpline. When the maintenance period expires, the software continues to work, but no further updates or technical support are available.

The full version of XL Designer includes one year of software maintenance.

The Lite versions and upgrades come with 90 days of software maintenance.

At the end of the initial period, software maintenance can be purchased annually, please contact us for prices as it will depend on what version of XL Designer is being used and how many systems are running.

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